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We have developed this site for you to get the facts and feel comfortable making an informed choice about your future.

Please spend some time learning about your rights, learning why we are opposed to union representation at St. Anthony Hospital, reviewing how much money unions may take from your paycheck and how they will spend your money.

We’ll be updating the site regularly, so check back often for the latest facts about this important choice.

Before You Decide, Consider…

The decision of whether or not to be represented by a third party like a labor union is an important one for many reasons. It’s a decision that impacts almost everything in your work life – from your take-home pay, to benefits your family may receive, to our workplace culture. Please consider the facts before you decide.

Your Rights

Understanding your legal rights is the first step in making an informed, educated decision about union representation and how it might impact you.
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Your Signature

Why is your signature so important to union organizers?
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How Bargaining Works

Get the facts about how collective bargaining really works.
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