Dues Calculator

Calculate Your NNU Union Dues

Union membership carries with it the responsibility to help finance the Union’s programs through payment of monthly dues.

According to NNU’s Constitution (NNU Dues Policy, pp. 37-38):

  • Full-time RNs pay 2.2 times their hourly rate, up to $117 per month. That’s $1404.00 a year for some nurses.
  • Part-time/per diem RNs working 12 hours per week or less per pay period pay 50% of the full-time rate. That’s up to $702 a year for some nurses.
  • According to NNU’s constitution, the union will increase dues as follows: “The maximum amount (cap) of regular direct member dues shall increase based on the average wage increase in the preceding calendar year at the three (3) NNU-directly represented or NNU Affiliate-represented facilities with the highest RN base rate wages.”

To determine what your monthly and annual dues might be, enter your base hourly rate in the calculator below: